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Adding Value to Social Media

Blockchain-based Social Media Platform for
the Decentralization of Content Revenue Models

hiblocks Introduction

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Blockchain-based Social Media Curation Platform for All Users

  • Company Overview
    Company Name
    hiblocks Co., Ltd.
    Company Overview
    1. Blockchain Business
    – Develop Blockchain (HiChain)
    – Blockchain Development Services

    2. Social Media Platform Business
    – Provide and Maintain personal and community social media platform
    Kim Young
    7th floor, WeWork, 373, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Number of Employees
    24 total (3 corporate team leaders, 9 marketing team members, 8 engineers, 3 advisors)
  • Ongoing Project
    • Development of blockchain (HiChain)
    • Development of social media platform (hiblocks)
    • Blockchain development services

hiblocks Services

hiblocks utilizes the blockchain to provide
a variety of novel services.

  • hiblocks

    Blockchain-based Social Media Curation Platform

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    hiblocks is a blockchain-based social media curation platform that provides rewards for its curators. Through a simplified sharing process, users can easily curate through content sharing. Users earn HiTokens through various activities on the platform.

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  • HiLabs

    Blockchain Development and Platform Development

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    HiLabs designs, develops, and delivers enterprise platform services. After analysing client’s projects, the suitable blockchain solution will be recommended. These services may include smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets, block explorers, etc.

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hiblocks Team

hiblocks is composed of talented individuals with
the highest level of competence within their respective fields.

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With the highest level of experience, to provide the highest level
of service Experts within each field