Social Media Curation Platform

Now anyone can become a content creator or curator and get rewarded with HiCoins.

Finally Curators Will Be Rewarded



Find interesting content Share it on HiBLOCKS

You can post, upload, and share with a few simple clicks.



Cast votes for your favorite content

Votes are calculated and scored



Get rewarded for your content curating and voting

Rewards are distributed every 7 days


  • Community RPG (“C-RPG”)

    Level up your characters through engagements and quests

    The higher your level the higher your rewards

C-RPG is a point-accumulation system that refreshes every 7 days.
Votes, likes, posts,and comments will add a point to your score. Your score determines your rank.







Included here are details related to HiCoins for prospective token investors.





Everything you do means



The C-RPG system allows for users to put up quests on the HiBlocks platform as advertisements. Individual users and brands can put incorporate their product or service into the quests. All transactions are paid in HiCoins. HiCoins are received through activities done on the platform.


Our AI-generated system allows users to create advertisements easily for any budget

Staying true to our user-friendly UX/UI, individual users, startups, and organizations can place ads with a few simple clicks. Just set your target audience and budget and a post will be generated for your product or service. Payments will be collected with HiCoins. Easy peasy!


A personal dashboard with infinite possibilities.

HiBlocks offers users a user friendly personal dashboard where they will be able to easily upload their social media content, onboard existing social media content, and curate their favorite content.


Founded in early 2019, HiBlocks is focused on achieving the goal of creating a platform where users are able to receive their well-deserved rewards.


The HiBlocks team is comprised of highly driven and creative members who are committed to delivering a life-changing platform.

  • Young Kim

    CEO, Founder

  • Jiwon Shu


  • Sanghoon Kil

    COO, Co-Founder

  • Hanjun Kim

    Strategy Manager

  • Yaya Pang

    Marketing Manager

  • Jungwon Shu

    Marketing Assistant Manager

  • Sue Nguyen

    Media MK

  • John Yoon

    Media Consultant

  • Peter Seo

    Board Advisor

  • Youngrok Koh

    Board Advisor

  • Seungwan Ryu

    Web Planner Executive

  • Min Namgoong

    Senior Web Planner

  • Youngju Choi

    Head of Developer

  • Jay Yoon

    Senior Developer

  • Jaehyun Jung

    Senior Developer

  • Sanghoon Han

    Head of Software Designer

  • Miyeon Kim

    Senior Web Publisher


What is HiCoin?
HiCoin is the cryptographic utility token used on HiBLOCKS. Users will receive HiCoin from the reward pool based on the amount of points earned for the week from their C-RPG activity. Further details are provided in the White Paper and will be supplemented by the follow-up announcements.
What is Community RPG (“C-RPG”)?
Community RPG includes most of the activities that happen on the HiBLOCKS platform. The activities include creating content, curating, voting, liking, sharing, and more. C-RPG is a point-accumulation system that will be refreshed every 7 days based on various activities each user performs on the platform. What you vote, post, like, comment, will be counted as a point; which, will be accumulated on a ranking system that eventually leads to you receiving rewards.
What is HiQUEST?
The C-RPG system allows users to put up quests on the platform for advertisement purposes. Individual users, organizations and retail businesses can promote their product or service by putting up quests. All transactions are paid with HiCoin.
How will HiBLOCKS compete against other Blockchain Social Media platforms?
There will be no need for competition because HiBLOCKS is a “curation” social media platform that incorporates gaming aspect to engagement. Our goal is to allow content creators and platforms even more exposure through HiBLOCKS.


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